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Hamisu Breaker

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About Hamisu Breaker

Hamisu Breaker more than just an artist. He was born in Kano region in 1992 and attended his primary and secondary school in Dorayi. The Nigerian crooner had a terrific upbringing in Dorayi Local Government where he learnt the importance of cultural preservation.

While many others would honour their culture in other ways, he chose dance and music. It is on record that his roots in music sprouted when he was in secondary school. He finally started dancing and earned a solid reputation as an outstanding break dancer. This is why he later adopted the moniker ‘breaker’ in his stage name.

Hamisu Breaker started singing at Islamiyya School as a child and it’s interesting how it all started. His teachers instilled the love for the prophet Mohammed through their teachings. As a result, he started composing poetry in honor of the prophet. The poetry honed his songwriting skills from an early age and he complimented it with his signature break dance later in life when he was in secondary school.

The Hausa singer made a conscious decision to pursue music rather than further his education. He wanted to be a voice representing one of Nigeria’s most distinct cultures and he did so with a lot of pride. The ‘Gidin Baki’ hitmaker did beautiful songs that saw him earn a brand name as Kano region music ambassador. In 2019, he made his national debut with a scintillating hit ‘Nayi Saa’ which laid the foundation of his presence in the industry.

His fans identified him more with ‘Nayi Saa’ which preceded ‘So Ta Gaskiya’ - Hausa for ‘True Love’. It is a breakup song telling a beautiful story of a love that never saw the light of day. The Hausa Prince wrote the song after finding himself again following a breakup with a longtime lover because fate kept them apart. The more the reason he decided to stick with ‘Hamisu Breaker’ - besides his break dancing style – as his stage name. This experience was painful but it ushered him into the industry.

A keen year will always notice that his songs are about love. He considers it a touchy subject that many people relate to and one that evokes emotions as well. For instance ‘Ke Ce’ is his favourite love song. He chose his words carefully and blended them with an artistic feel that he still remembers everything to date.

However, Hamisu never forgets that ‘Shimfidar Fuska’ is the tune that made him famous. He had no idea it would be that popular. He used an unusual, but unique style in this song which intrigued many people. He included some of the more obscure Hausa words in his lyrics and people loved that because you don’t get such artistic prowess from Hausa artists.

Fast forward to 2022, the ‘Bakan Gizo’ crooner made headlines in 2021 and 2021 over ‘Jaruma’ ‘Karshen Kauna’ and 'Zumar Kauna’ hits. They put him on a pedestal that no other Hausa artist has had. A case in point, ‘Karshen Kauna’ amassed 2 million YouTube views in two months pushing him among top 7 artists with cool music videos on YouTube. He has come a long way and the only thing he wants is to put more music out for the world.

His biggest motivation is his fans who have supported him throughout his music career. The Kano-born singer adds that with more support from the government, Nigeria’s entertainment industry will get a huge boost.

Hamisu Breaker Popular Songs
1. Karshen Kauna
2. Jaruma
3. Zumar Kauna
4. Bakan Gizo
5. Nayi Saa
6. Daga Yarda
7. So Gaskiya Ne
8. Kanwata
9. Kani Sallah
10. Yar Arewa
11. Tubali
12. So Dangin
13. Mai Sona
14. Nagane Duniya
15. Sakon Amarya

Hamisu Breaker Albums & EPs
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