Diamond Platnumz Yatapita Lyrics

Yatapita yana mwisho
Ipo siku tutayasahau
Watatuheshimu walio tudharau
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Diamond Platnumz – Yatapita Review

Celebrated Tanzania music star Diamond Platinumz, has continued to feed the desires of his fans with a reviewed sound of the olden days Bongo Flava with the song ‘Yatapita.’

Yatapita is a song the portrays the daily struggles of a young couple that is trying to fend for themselves. Watching the video that now stand at 8.5 million views on Youtube just two weeks after release.

He brings out the emotional aspect people having to support each other in relationships. He goes all in by showing the typical depiction of how hard life can be.
The song brings back the memories of when Diamond Platinumz was starting out in his career with his hit song ‘Mbagala’.

On the other hand, this also shows Diamond’s Vocal ability that fans had missed for a while. The change of tune has fast been embraced fans especially those in East Africa who had lost touch with the singer who had shifted to hit songs.

Many fans have admitted that this new song has definitely brought them back to the singer’s sound that they felt when growing up. Trust millennials who listened to Diamond back in 2013 and had the opportunity to sing all of Diamond’s song word for word.

At the moment Diamond maintains the top position on music trends with three songs.