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Davido UNAVAILABLE Lyrics ft Musa Keys

You know
Eh, eh, eh, eh
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Davido is unavailable, taken, I just wanted to let you know that before we go any further…

Remember the 3-month break that Davido took away from social media? Well, He did more than grieving:

In an interview 4 days ago, he finally revealed to Toro Entertainment that he got married to his lovely wife Chioma, and he worked on his Timeless Album.

In case you missed it, now you know! Oh and Before I forget, this makes him UNAVAILABLE.

So let’s talk more about his song, UNAVAILABLE, the number five track on his 17-track Timeless Album, featuring Musa Keys.

Musa Keys is a South African Amapiano Artist, known for his lush melodies and soft rhythmic synthesizers. He brings a soft amapiano fusion into the song, and his voice is so smooth, it’s almost hypnotizing.

Unavailable is a beautiful upbeat fusion of Amapiano and Afropop, and when Amapiano and Afrobeat meet, what you get is a beautiful dance-along, feel-good beat that is sure to get you onto the dancefloor.

In fact, this is the perfect song to reveal your relationship status, especially when you’re simply not Available. And that is Unavailable ...