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What is Dancehall music?

Dancehall is a popular music genre that traces its roots to Jamaica. It was pioneered in the 1970s as a sub-branch of reggae. The name was borrowed from a physical place ‘Dancehall’ where DJs and MCs would perform their original mixtapes to their fans. It uses first paced beats and focuses mainly on the song’s instrumentals. Most of its lyrics are in Jamaican Patois. In the 1980s, Dancehall was mainly produced by Jamaican artists and played mainly in the Caribbean region,but over the years, it has spread its wings and is now a global sound.

Where does Dancehall come from?

Dancehall originated from Jamaica. The genre came up as a result of combined efforts from different persons who had immense passion in music. Mike Tomlinson and Lois Grant from Innercity Promotions are credited as some of the people who pushed the genre into existence. Through Innercity Promotions, the two are reported to have organised several concerts that made the music more popular among locals.

Thanks to their concerts, the genre became more popular in Jamaica with artists like; Admiral Bailey, Leorey Sibbles, Lieutenant Stitchie, Tenor Saw, Half Pint, Buju Banton, Jose Wales, Courtney Melody, Sugar Minott, Yellow Man, Mad Cobra and U-Roy among others jumping on the wave and produced songs that were well received by fans. Most of these artists were still relatively young and since the genre was also a new concept, they relied on concerts held by Inner City to perform and publicize their catalog.

While the genre had started getting recognition across the world, it was not until the 90s when its major breakthrough was witnessed. This was thanks to new generation artists like Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Shabba Ranks and Capleton who embraced the genre and marketed it as Jamaica’s leading sound. The group worked in collaboration with highly skilled producers such as; Dave Kelly, Philip Burell, Donovan Germain, George Phang and Wycliffe Johnson among others ensured their music earned its place among the world’s greatest sounds back then.

The efforts of Sean Paul and company were paid back in the early 2000s when their music crossed borders into the United States, some parts of Europe, Australia and Canada. In 2003, Sean Paul’s viral hit dubbed ‘Get Busy’ became the first Dancehall song to secure the number one spot on Billboard Hot 100. Since then, the genre has been on an upward trajectory.

Today, Dancehall music is played and performed in many countries across the world including; America, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa among others. It has been embraced by global music stars including Rihanna and Drake.

Who are the top musicians in this genre?
- Sean Paul
- Vybz Kartel
- Alkaline
- Popcaan
- Spice
- Beenie Man
- Mavado
- Konshens
- Lady Saw
- Bounty Killer
- Mr Vegas

What is the difference between reggae and Dancehall?

Most people often confuse the two genres to be similar since they both originate from Jamaica. This is, however, not correct as the two are not similar. The main difference between reggae and Dancehall lies in the general sound and the theme of focus in both genres.
Reggae music is mostly slow chilled and with a heavy message. It is said to cause listeners to reflect on what the song advocates for. The late Bob Marley and Lucky Dube were known for creating inspiring songs that prompted their fans to fight oppression, embrace education and other important issues. On the other hand, Dancehall is cheerful, fast-paced and often has raw hard-core punchlines. Unlike reggae that is inspirational, dancehall is known to introduce new slang and trending dance moves especially among the youth. It heavily uses Jamaican Patois and lots of slang while reggae is mostly in English which is a common language across the world.

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