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What is the meaning of Gospel Music?

Gospel music is a type of music inspired by the word of God and specifically made with a message that aligns with Christian beliefs.

Today, the definition varies and is often defined to suit context, practices or even a particular style. It is however often referred to as the Christian genre.
The earliest form of it came from church hymns and is credited to Ephrem the Syrian, a deacon, writer and poet in the 4th century. He is called the father of Christian hymnody.

With time, it transitioned from just traditional hymns to other styles. The genre witnessed the incorporation of other sounds with the introduction of elements of secular music; country, blues and as time went on, R&B and Rock ‘n’ roll. We see popular artists today use the beats or recreate an already popular secular song to a gospel version to cater for Christians who do not like to listen to any other type of music.

Gospel music has in modern times become mainstream because it’s no longer the type of genre that is only heard or sung in churches. Even popular secular artists release gospel songs these days as the genre is not just made to be done by a select group of artists.
Many major awards shows whether regional, national or global always have a category for gospel and this goes to show that the genre has grown and transitioned into something extremely bigger than its initial origin and purpose. Music is a universal language and it’s almost impossible to restrict people from listening, whether Christian or not.

Who are the best Gospel artists in Nigeria

There are at least 80 million Christians in Nigeria, and this reflects the great number of artists identified with the genre. The growth of this genre in Nigeria has even encouraged up and coming singers to choose this as a career path. While we’ve seen a number of artists switch to secular, we’ve also seen a good number of Nigerian artists switch from secular and have excelled exceedingly. It is a normal practice for even secular artists to include at least one gospel song in their album to show reverence to God and perhaps also identify with their faith.

Some of the best artists in Nigeria notable for this genre include;
- Sinach
- Frank Edwards
- Mercy Chinwo
- Nathaniel Bassey
- Tope Alabi
- Samsong
- Chioma Jesus
- Gozie Okeke
- Steve Crown
- TY Bello
- Sholla Allyson
- Judikay
- Sammie Okposo
- Tim Godfrey
- Chidinma
- Ada Ehi
- Joe Praize
- Patty Obasi
- Eben
- Jude Nnam
- Nosa
- Obiwon
- Nikki Laoye
- Lara George
- Prospa Ochimana

Where to download Nigeria gospel music

The internet has enhanced the accessibility of music in general. Unlike the previous times when records were only released or prioritized in cassette format, DVDs and compact discs, these days with the intervention of digital platforms, listeners do not have to leave their comfort in search for the purchase of their favourite artist’s album or songs. With an internet-enabled device, you can easily search and listen to your favourite records.

Mdundo.com makes this even easier by legally giving users access to millions of new songs downloadable from the website. The platform has a very huge catalogue of over 1.9 million songs from over 100 000 artists across Africa. From singles to albums, playlists and DJ mixes, Mdundo’s rich and impressive catalogue of songs already includes many of your favourite artists. Its goal is to bridge the gap and give access to music to a more diverse and remote audience at no cost at all.

The need and demand for this genre increase by the day and Mdundo.com make an obligation off providing to the millions of listeners who can access the internet irrespective of their device. Most platforms out there are subscription-based, with their focus on listeners with at least a smartphone but Mdundo thrives off creating a platform that is easy to use and access, giving millions of listeners an option and more simplified way to listening and downloading from their favourite artists.

How to download and listen to Gospel music on Mdundo.com

To download from Mdundo, see the steps below: -
Visit mdundo.com
Select your country as preferred
Use the search bar to browse for all your favourite gospel songs, artists or mixes as the case may be.
Click on download to save in mp3 to your device or click on listen to stream directly from the website.
To access an artist’s library on Mdundo, click on artist profile in search results. This takes you to the official artist page on Mdundo and gives you access to all their songs, news, features and articles about them available on the website.