Nexus Music Opens Offices in South Africa, Zimbabwe & Tanzania

[Image Source: KB KIlla Beats Facebook]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Nexus Music Entertainment is all out to establish its dominance in Africa with the rolling out of new branches outside Zambian borders.

The label in a statement on Wednesday said it is adopting a new business model with an aim to feature more international collaborations among its signed artists. Therefore, Nexus opened its first international offices in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe which will foster international collaborations.

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“New Business Model: We are pleased to announce our vision to bring you more international collaborations with our signed artists. In order to bring out the best of Zambian music and market our artists to the international community, we shall be opening our first international offices in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzanian. Expect more international collaborations from these countries in 2022!” the statement read.

The label led by Zambian rapper KB Killa Beats has signed the crème de la crème of Zambia’s music industry. Some of the big names under the label include Chef 187, Neo Slayer, Abel Musuka, Towela Kaira, Xaven andT-Sean among others.

Nexus has a good number of fiery and upcoming artists such as Flhy Chiq Shanaah alias Kanina Kandalama. Fans welcomed this move but asked the label to consider expanding to Nigeria as well.

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“Very progressive and all your artists are doing excellent, include Nigeria on that list please and replace with Zimbabwe...,” a fan suggested.

Nexus, in response pointed out that “Zimbabwe is a huge market for Zambian music and vice versa.”

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