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What is Bongo Music?

Bongo Flava is the leading music genre in Tanzania. Other music genres in the country include; Taarab, Singeli, Hip-hop and gospel among others. The genre was formed by borrowing different aspects of Hip-hop, Taarab, Dansi and additional elements from Afro-beat.
Bongo songs are usually in English and Swahili, with the latter language being dominant as it’s the official language in the country. While there are many theories about the origin of Bongo music, credible sources indicate that it originated from Dar es Salaam. Over the years, the bongo music has evolved to have its own set of rules, with adaptability to Tanzania’s different cultures emerging top.

Mawingu Band is credited as being the pioneer of bongo music while DJ Boni Love is among the first producers of the genre. Initial Bongo Flava songs addressed social and political issues like poverty, political corruption, and superstition. However, new school bongo musicians mostly focus on love inspired lyrics.

Over the years, the genre has evolved and adopted new trends brought about by technology. For instance, unlike before, it is now easy to dance to Bongo music as the beats are fast-paced. In Africa, if you eliminate Amapiano and Afro-beat, Bongo is arguably the third most popular genre in the continent. The growth of Bongo music is attributed to top artists like; Diamond Planumz, Alikiba, Rayvanny, Harmonize, Nandy and Vanessa Mdee among others who invested heavily in ensuring the genre penetrated international markets.

Working closely with the artists are producers who have invested time and resources in perfecting their craft and ensuring they keep up with modern trends in regards to music production. Some of the top producers who have been instrumental in the genre’s growth include; Lizer Classic, S2Kizzy, Nahreel, Kimambo, Bonga, and Blaq among others.

Today, Bongo music is listened to globally, with the likes of Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Harmonize and others getting the opportunity to work with global stars. Diamond has collaborated with America’s Rick Ross, Neyo and Alicia Keys, while Rayvanny has worked with Colombian singer Juan Luis Londoño Arias, popularly known as Maluma. On his part, Harmonize has worked with In the United States, Bongo Radio was unveiled in Chicago, Illinois dedicated to the music genre. This is evidence that the genre has grown to international levels.

Outside Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda are some of the biggest consumers of Bongo music. This is showcased by the numerous collaborations Tanzanian musicians have done with artists from the three countries. Some of the top Tanzanian musicians enjoy massive support from Kenya to an extent that they for example Rose Muhando and Christina Shusho prefer launching their albums in the country.

Who are the most popular artists in this genre?

The most popular artists in Bongo music are; Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rayvanny, Alikiba, Nandy, Zuchu, Jux, Darassa, Marioo, Mbosso, Lava Lava, Ibraah, Rosa Ree, Ben Pol, R.O.M.A, Stamina, Aslay, Killy, Cheed, Anjella, Meja Kunta, Whozu, Mac Voice, Dulla Makabila, Nay wa Mitego, Prof Jay, Barnaba Classic, Jay Melody, K2ga, Beka Flavour, Khadija Kopa and Amber Lulu among others.

What are some of the biggest and most popular songs in this genre?
1. Gidi – Diamond Platnuz
2. Toroka – Anjella ft Harmonize
3. I Miss You – Rayvanny ft. Zuchu
4. Utu – Alikiba
5. Mwambieni – Zuchu
6. Only You – Macvoice ft. Mbosso
7. Party – Nandy ft Billnass and Mr Eazi
8. I Love You – Jux and Gyakie
9. Mi Amor – Marioo ft Jovial
10. Mulla – Rosa Ree ft Abby Chams
11. Mama Ntilie – Shilole
12. Tumerogwa – Nay wa Mitego
13. Sugar – Jay Melody
14. Kuino – Killy ft Ibraah
15. Ng’ari Ng’ari – Lava Lava

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