3 Things That Have Made Boity Thulo a Top Rapper in South Africa

[Image Source: Gossip]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Boity Thulo is not your average hip hop artist; she is a powerful force in South Africa. Looking back at where she has come from, she has made huge strides to become such a powerful personality.

The ‘Wuz Dat’ singer is a top female rapper in Mzansi but all these did not come easy. It is through resilience and hard work that she managed to get this far. She says that her biggest strength is her undying conviction that makes her stand out and wade through trolls and lots of negative energy online.

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Boity is opinionated and her sentiments often rub people the wrong way. But, she remains unbothered and cares less what people think of her.

Secondly, her mastery of inner peace has made it so easy for her to handle criticism and focus on her music and other aspects of her life that matter.

She says learning to contain inner peace is a beautiful lesson that comes from the realization that you cannot control everything in life. Feeling helpless and out of control helps a lot, she says because you never end up meaningless fights trying to control what cannot be controlled.

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“You can’t control everything.  If something bothers you, remove its power by simply accepting it and turning your attention away from it. You cannot control everything,” she said.

 As a celebrity, she has done well in handling pressure that comes with the platform. There are artists who ended up battling depression due to too much pressure from critics and fans online. Looking at Boity’s life she looks unbothered by all these.

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