Anjella Reveals How Life Has Changed Since Joining Konde Music Worldwide

[Photo: Music in Africa]

By Paul A.

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Konde Worldwide signee Anjella has opened up on the changes she’s made since her debut in the music scene, noting that she now has a lot of fans and can longer walk in public like before as she’ll be swamped by her followers.

Speaking during a recent interview, Anjella also noted that she no longer uses public transport due to the fear of being mobbed by fans.

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In terms of communication, Anjella notes that her phone is always busy with calls from fans congratulating her and giving her advice.

Having emerged from a poor background, the ‘Nobody’ singer said her rise in the music industry has given her family status in society.

She acknowledged that her parents are now being respected for having produced a key music figure.

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Furthermore, Anjella revealed that she was annoyed by the bodyguard assigned to her at the start of her career, as it meant that he had to be around her everywhere she went.

“Siwezi panda daladala, sometimes namiss kutembea mtaani. Na miss kujiachilia. Siwezi sana. Mambo na bodyguard ilinipaa shida sana, nilitatizika sana, lakini nishazoea,” said Anjella.

Anjella is currently flying with her ‘Nobody’ single that has performed well as her first solo project.

The song secured over one million views in a day, putting Anjella’s name high among top achievers in the Bongo music scene.

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