Zuchu to Release Mini-Documentary in April 2021

[Photo Credit:Zuchu Instagram]

By Branice Nafula

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Bongo Flava music star Zuchu is set to release a documentary about her life in April, 2021.

Speaking during an interview at Wasafi FM, Zuchu noted that in April, she hopes to release a mini documentary that will narrate her music journey, detailing her struggles to becoming one of Tanzania’s biggest music stars.

"Mwezi wa nne nitaachia Mini Documentary yangu ambayo watu watafahamu nilipotoka mpaka hapa nilipofikia, harakati zangu zote," she said in part.

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The Wasafi record label star started 2021 with a big hit dubbed ‘Sukari’ that was released on 20th January.

‘Sukari’ is a Swahili word that translates to ‘Sugar’. In essence, Zuchu compares love to the sweetness of Sugar.

In what seems like an all metaphorical way of lyrical writing, the song clearly reminds us how good it feels to be in love.

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It was produced by super producers Lizer Classic and I am Trone. On YouTube, the song is fast gaining traction with over 56,000 views a few hours after its release.

Judging by Zuchu’s first project, she is keen to pick up where she left last year and probably dethrone Nandy off the title of Best Bongo Female musician.

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Being her debut year, she surprised many in 2020, but having learnt the rules of the game, she is now better placed to conquer the African continent and World at large.

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