Strongman Burner

Strongman Burner

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Osei Kwaku Vincent also known as Strongman or Strongman Burner or Strong Gee is a Ghanaian rapper. He was recognized (more)
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Strongman Biography, Early Life, Career, Discography, Personal Life

Strongman, a highly talented and renowned Ghanaian musician, has solidified his position as one of the country's most skillful and influential rappers. Born as Osei Kwaku Vincent on February 10, 1993, in the city of Kumasi, Ghana, Strongman's musical journey has been one of determination, hard work, and lyrical prowess. With a distinctive flow, thought-provoking lyrics, and a dedication to preserving the art of rap, Strongman has earned widespread acclaim and adoration from fans and peers alike.

Early Life and Background:

Growing up in Kumasi, Strongman was immersed in a culturally rich and musically diverse environment. He developed a passion for music from an early age, taking inspiration from both Ghanaian highlife and hip-hop artists from the United States. Encouraged by his father, who was a music enthusiast, Strongman started writing rap verses at a young age and began honing his craft.
During his school years, Strongman participated in rap battles and local talent competitions, earning a reputation for his exceptional wordplay and lyrical dexterity. His ability to weave together clever rhymes and deliver powerful messages through his rap performances set him apart from his peers and caught the attention of music enthusiasts in Kumasi.

Musical Journey:

Strongman's musical journey gained momentum when he entered and won the maiden edition of the ""Next Big Thing in GH Hip-hop"" competition in 2012. This victory served as a launching pad for his career, and he gained significant recognition within the Ghanaian hip-hop community. His victory also led to a recording contract with Sarkcess Music, founded by renowned Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie.
Under Sarkcess Music, Strongman released several hit singles, showcasing his lyrical prowess and ability to connect with audiences through his music. His debut single, ""Baby Girl,"" further solidified his position as a rising star in Ghana's rap scene. His subsequent tracks, such as ""Transformer"" and ""Monster,"" showcased his versatility and earned him a dedicated fanbase.

Discography and Albums:

Some of his notable works include:
Still That Ni99a (2018) - A highly acclaimed EP that further established Strongman as a force to be reckoned with in Ghanaian hip-hop.
Crazy For You (2019) - A hit single that showcased Strongman's ability to deliver emotional and heartfelt rap ballads.

10 AM (2020) - A powerful track that addressed social issues and further solidified his reputation as a conscious and skilled lyricist.

Career Milestones:

Throughout his career, Strongman has achieved several milestones that have contributed to his success:
Recognition as a Skilled Rapper: Strongman has earned recognition from fans, critics, and industry peers for his exceptional wordplay and lyrical prowess.
Collaborations with Prominent Artists: He has collaborated with top artists in Ghana's music industry, expanding his reach and showcasing his versatility.
Establishing Himself as a Solo Artist: Strongman's successful solo career after parting ways with Sarkcess Music demonstrated his ability to thrive independently.

Personal Life:

He is known for his dedication to his craft and his passion for preserving the art of rap in Ghana. Strongman is described as humble and family-oriented, finding joy in spending time with loved ones and pursuing his musical passions.
As Strongman continues to elevate Ghanaian hip-hop with his exceptional talent and powerful messages, he remains committed to using his platform to inspire and uplift his audience while leaving an enduring impact on the rap genre both in Ghana and beyond.