Strongman Burner releases new song 'Mmaa'

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

Strongman Burner is one of the most consistent artists in Ghana in the context of releasing new music, he releases at least one song every month. He, for this week and maybe month, released ‘Mmaa’.

The Tubhanimuzik produced track is a laid back beat with elements of live instruments infused. The acoustic guitar is very apparent and a bit of the electric guitar for a few runs. There is the occasional presence of the sax that comes up with the hook of the song.

Strongman Burner raps his way through the song using his native language. He does not lose any luster with this switch up from the otherwise common use of English. He lays bar son bars and he keeps the flow with the hook too, where he kind of sings through.

Strongman is definitely one of the best there is in the Ghanaian industry and if his consistency is anything to go by, he is just about to blow up even more. Catch a vibe with him on this new song.

Download Strongman Burner's music for free here

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