KENYA: Washed Out Tanzanian Sensation Gets Career Saving Deal in Kenya

Before Diamond Platinumz or Alikiba came along and forever changed Tanzania’s music scene, one man reigned supreme and that man was Mr. Nice.

However for the one time star his career has seemingly been clutching at the proverbial straw for the better part of the last decade owing to his addiction as well as personal life problems that saw him lag behind in the changing music industry.

Since then it has been hard for the Tanzanian artist to resuscitate his dying career but now the star has seemingly been given another chance thanks to a new deal that he signed right here in Kenya.

Mr. Nice has penned a one year deal with Soko Bay International Limited that will see him perform in the 47 counties in Kenya.

Speaking to Bongo 5 the artist revealed intimate details of the deal saying, “It’s a one year contract and within a year there are many shows.

“However I am guaranteed at least one show every weekend and as you know for our friends (in Kenya) the party is every day from Monday to the weekend but I am sure of at least one show every week.

“It is a country-wide tour of Kenya and that is why it is called the ’47 County Tour’,” he concluded.

The tour will certainly give some of his Kenyan fans a chance to fall in love with him again.

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