Grandpa Records working on a peace song for South Sudan

We know that anything Grandpa records touches always turns to golden and with that said they are currently working on a peace song to dedicate to our fellow brothers and sisters in South Sudan,

"At the moment we have a peace song we are working on for South Sudan and its a collaboration between Sudan artists and Kenyan artists and it should be out in one week some of the artists include Nancy , Lam , Manase, Lual ,D.N.A , Lenny ,Visita,Kendi and Jo-1" shared Refigah during an interview with Mdundo

Grandpa records CEO Refigah also denied claims that there are any plans to have a remix to the song 'Hivyo Ndio Kunaendanga' by Majirani

"There is no such thing as that in fact I'm very surprised to hear about it, we have not chosen any artists for the song and we are not even working on the remix"

Grandpa records has over the past few years taken over the music industry with their phenomenal productions and consistent hit after hit songs that never disappoint.

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