KENYA: 'I Love Just As You Are' - Rapper DNA Turns to RnB to Reach the Ladies With An Important Message

In numerous occasions music in Kenya has been accused of lacking meaning and a deep transformative message.

Many say that artists stick to the less meaningful way of music because it sells more and captures the audience’s attention more.

But every once in a while an artist does a song with deep meaning that manages to capture the audience even more and for even longer than other music would.

Sauti Sol and Amos and Josh did it last year with their song ‘Nerea’ which tackled the sensitive issue of abortion in a creative way.

And this year rapper DNA is also reaching the ladies with his new song dubbed ‘Hivo tu Uko (I love you)’ which tackles the issue of beauty in its original form.

“One of the reasons I decided to do the song is because I felt a lot of girls are looking down on themselves and thinking that they are not beautiful because of this Euro-centric definition of beauty that we’ve got from Mass Media,” he said during a phone interview with Mdundo.

The song delivers this message in a beautiful way and no doubt the ladies will surely fall in love with DNA’s baritone voice that blends well with the tracks smooth instrumentals.

‘Hivo tu Uko’ is produced by Rkay and music by D. Ihaji. Benjamin Kabaseke is on the guitar and Prenier Shanyisa offers the additional vocals.

All in all its an amazing song that deserves commendation. Check out the video below;

Download it for free on Mdundo now.

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