Mr Lenny makes comeback to the music scene after 7 years

Last week grandpa records announced their plans to re-launch the career of a former pioneer of the music industry in the Kenyan entertainment scene and of course many of us had questions in mind, including myself as to who it could possibly be and I have to say it was quite rejuvenating and exciting once I got to learn that it was Mr. Lenny who now chooses to go by the name Lenny.

After a 7 year hiatus from the music scene Lenny has decided to reestablish his music career through a new single titled ‘Randa Randa’ produced by Grandpa, and speaking during the launch which was held at F2 yesterday he shared he never had any plans to make a comeback,

“I want to give a big shout out to my new label, I honestly never thought I’d be back and it took a lot of convincing from Refigah and other people to have me back in studio and though I wasn’t sure I decided to give it a try”

Refigah who is Grandpa records C.E.O also couldn’t hide his enthusiasm as he spoke to the crowd who turned up for the event,

“I’m so happy since it took me more than 2 years to convince Lenny to make a comeback since he wasn’t seeing the future in music, but after he saw all this artists in grandpa such as DNA and Kenrazy make successful comebacks he finally called me and we made an agreement”

The new song features producer Vsita who was part of the production of the single and termed the sound he creates with grandpa as ‘Boomrock’; he will be making his official debut in the music scene in 2 weeks .

Lenny hopes to release several singles in the coming few months and hopefully an album with time.

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