8 Top Historical Music Collaborations by Nigerian Artists

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Written by Pharis Kinyua

Collaborations in music have the power to create magic, blending different styles, voices, and talents into a harmonious masterpiece. Nigeria, a powerhouse of musical talent, has witnessed numerous iconic collaborations that have left an indelible mark on the industry.

From cross-genre fusions to unexpected pairings, these collaborations have broken barriers and resonated with audiences both within Nigeria and around the globe. In this article, we delve into the biggest Nigerian music collaborations of all time, exploring the unique dynamics, cultural crossovers, and musical brilliance that have made them timeless classics.

Join us on a melodic journey through the remarkable partnerships that have shaped Nigerian music's collaborative spirit.

One Dance - Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla

"One Dance" became a global phenomenon, featuring Nigerian superstar Wizkid alongside Canadian rapper Drake and British singer Kyla. Released in 2016, this Afrobeat-infused track showcased the power of cross-continental collaborations.
The song topped charts worldwide, including the Billboard Hot 100, and propelled Wizkid into the international spotlight.
With its infectious rhythms and catchy melodies, "One Dance" solidified the global appeal of Nigerian music and opened doors for more collaborations between Nigerian and international artists.

Olufunmi - Styl-Plus ft. DaCapo

Styl-Plus, a Nigerian R&B group, teamed up with South African producer DaCapo for the remix of their hit song "Olufunmi" in 2006. This collaboration bridged the gap between Nigerian and South African music, creating a fusion of soulful harmonies and vibrant Afro-house beats.

The remix received widespread acclaim, introducing Styl-Plus to a broader African audience and showcasing the power of regional collaborations within the continent.

African Queen - 2Baba ft Blackface

"African Queen" by 2Baba is an iconic Nigerian love song that gained international recognition when it was featured in the 2006 film "Phat Girlz." This collaboration with American producer and rapper Blackface resulted in a soulful blend of Afrobeat and R&B.
The timeless appeal of "African Queen" transcended borders, propelling 2Baba to global fame and cementing his status as one of Nigeria's most celebrated artists.

Soldier - Falz ft. Simi

"Soldier" is a captivating collaboration between Nigerian rapper Falz and singer-songwriter Simi. Released in 2015, the song showcases their unique chemistry and storytelling prowess.
The accompanying music video, which pays homage to Nigerian cinema, garnered millions of views on YouTube. "Soldier" became an anthem, resonating with audiences through its engaging narrative and infectious melodies.

Johnny - Yemi Alade ft. Selebobo

"Johnny" is a powerful collaboration between Nigerian singer Yemi Alade and producer Selebobo. Released in 2013, the song became a massive hit, propelling Yemi Alade to stardom across Africa.
Its catchy chorus and Afro-pop sound captured the essence of Nigerian music's infectious energy. "Johnny" broke records, becoming one of the most-watched Nigerian music videos on YouTube, solidifying Yemi Alade's position as one of Nigeria's leading female artists.

Way Maker Remix - Sinach ft. Various Artists:

"Way Maker" is a global gospel phenomenon that originated from Nigeria. Written and performed by Sinach, it has been covered and translated into multiple languages by artists from around the world.
The collaboration between Sinach and these diverse artists showcases the song's universal message of faith and hope. "Way Maker" has crossed cultural and religious boundaries, becoming a worship anthem embraced by diverse audiences worldwide.

Calm Down – Rema ft Selena Gomez

Nothing beats the thrill of listening to the sweet sound of ‘Calm Down’ by Rema and American songstress Selena Gomez. It is the best performing Nigerian song on YouTube.

Essence – Wizkid ft Tems

“Essence” taken off Wizkid’s ‘Made in Lagos” album is an African musical masterpiece that rages on three years after its release.

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