Is 'Stella Wangu' By Freshley Mwamburi A True Story?

[Image Source: Buzz Central/Nairobi News]
Written By Brian Sikulu

Legendary Kenyan music star Freshley Mwamburi has become a hot subject of discussion on the internet. The iconic artist together with his viral song 'Stella Wangu' ranked among the most trending topics on Twitter for a better part of Wednesday May 17th, 2023. 

Every year on 17th May, Kenyans come together to reminisce on the 'Stella Wangu' song that was composed and performed by Freshley Mwamburi. The song, which narrates how a young man suffered a painful heartbreak, is based on a real-life event that was experienced by the singer.

In a past interview, Freshley Mwamburi confessed that he drew the motivation to write the song after a painful encounter with love. Although he might have added an artistic touch to the story, the majority of the details presented in the song are true. According to Freshley Mwamburi, he met Stella in 1991 in Machakos during a music performance at the Garden Hotel. At the time Stella was a student at the University of Nairobi. He fell in love with her, and a year later sacrificed almost all of his property for to her advance her medical studies in Japan.

Later on Stella sent Freshley a message to inform him that she had moved on with another man. Although it was not easy for him, Freshley accepted the heartbreak and forgave Stella. In a recent interview the music star revealed that Stella is on social media but does not want to be in the spotlight. She in fact turned down a request from BBC to interview her.

“She is on social media, but it is very hard to talk to her. BBC tried to talk to her and I called her and she refused. She is someone else’s wife now. We have to respect that,” Freshley Stated.

Freshley moved on after the heartbreak and met another girl called Dorcas who stole his heart. The two have been married for over 21 years with five children. Interestingly enough, Freshley's wife Dorcas met with Stella and are at peace with each other.


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