Joeboy’s Sophomore Album ‘Body & Soul’ Out [Full Tracklist]

Written by Pharis Kinyua

Joeboy has finally released his second studio album ‘Body & Soul’. 
This new album has 15 tracks and with ‘Sip (Alcohol)’, ‘Body & Soul’, being the most popular since he released them as a prelude to the full album release. 

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‘Body & Soul’ is a blended mix of pure greatness topped up by featured artists such as Kemena, DJ/producer Diplo and afrobeats sensation Tekno. 
The whole album is deep, and cements Joeboy’s wit in creating timeless love songs which earns him the moniker ‘Lover Boy’. 
Listening to the 15 tracks in this album, he lays it down with his unusual falsetto vocals, and a sensational afrobeats touch. It comes with minimal wood drumming, and guitar components which gives ‘Body & Soul’ a distinctive sound. 
One thing that stands out in this album is a strong sensual and compelling tide capturing the essence of being in love and being loved back in equal measure.
Additionally, Joeboy adds intimacy and authenticity to the lyrics with his usage of odes and terms of adoration, that augurs well with listeners. 

In ‘Sip (Alcohol) and ‘Body & Soul’, he connects on a higher intimate level, musically, with his subjects in the music videos. 
On his sophomore release, he curated a witty masterpiece withstanding the test of time. Here is the full tracklist of the album. 
Body & Soul

Sip (Alcohol)

The Best For You
Chicken, Spice & Curry
Wetin Be Love
Duffel Bag
Lose Ya
Check My Phone

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