Free Download: Joshua Baraka 'Nana'

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Writer: Brian Sikulu

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Fast-rising Ugandan music star Joshua Baraka has dominated the airwaves thanks to his latest release 'Nana'. The love song has won over the hearts of many and so far ranks as the most successful hit song from a youngster. In approximately a month, the track has accumulated more than half a million views on YouTube with thousands of comments.

'Nana' is an RnB jam that has been spiced with a Ugandan touch. The singer evokes goosebumps with his melodious voice right from the first verse of the song. The marriage between the beat of the song and Joshua Baraka's vocals is super seamless. The music producer did a great job in tailoring the beat to be in sync with the artist's vocals. The song further has a slow pace which complements the overall theme of love in the track.

The peak of the song, however, is in the second half when Joshua Baraka breaks from the English to the Ugandan language almost effortlessly. One can hardly notice the transition between the two languages. The fusion of RnB and a variety of African sounds made the song a masterpiece. The music video, on the other hand, was directed by Prnz. The video features cinematic shots with smooth in-between the scenes transitions. The production of the music project was overseen by Ssese Nation.

The majority of music lovers have applauded Joshua Baraka for his artistry and creativity. A good number pointed out how the songster's mastery of his vocal controls and songwriting skills matched up to the global standard.


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