Mdundo DJ Spotlight: The Travails of Becoming DJ Nifty

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Over the years, Jos, Plateau State, has produced a lot of very well-known music personalities in the country. Talents continue to emerge from this part of the country, and this week on Mdundo DJ Stories, we are shining the light on Victor Yusuf, aka DJ Nifty, one of the budding DJs from Jos, Plateau state. 

DJ Nifty prides himself as a professional DJ who plays on the radio, at indoor and outdoor events. He is always ready to offer his services wherever, and whenever. 

Just like a number of his cohorts, DJ Nifty had a difficult start, but in as much as he is not where he wants to be yet, he recognizes his growth and the fact that he is no longer where he used to be. He recounts starting djing with a neighbour’s laptop under the tutelage of his friend Kichime David who showed him the basics. He continued borrowing his friend’s laptop to practice virtual DJ until she gave in and finally sold the laptop to him. 

Choosing djing as a professional career was an easy one for him. A choice born out of his love for music and seeing how happy his set made people. His family is very supportive of his career and this makes a positive difference for him. 

After losing four laptops, the main challenge he is currently facing is the fact that his work is undervalued. “A minimum start-up capital for sound is not less than 2 million Naira. Clients here will be like “Shey it’s just to come with two speakers and play music?” Well, it can only get better, we are heading there. We no go relent”, DJ Nifty says. 

Being a budding DJ comes with high demands and a busy schedule. While a lot of his cohorts struggle to balance work and family life, DJ Nifty makes sure he still gets to spend quality time with his family. According to him, every minute with his family counts and is filled with positive energy. 

The stage is where he is most comfortable and he would like to play at big stages like BBN and Felabration. Nifty names DJ Puffy, DJ Bob Jay, DJ Consequence and DJ Voltron as his biggest inspiration. He also knows how important it is as a DJ to be at the top of new music releases. He stays in the loop via music blogs and social media. 

DJ Nifty is also a big fan of the biggest Naija music exports, Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid and would like to one day play for them. 

To his past self, he wishes he was more careful. And to anyone who wants to take up djing as a career, DJ Nifty has this piece of advice for you; “be dedicated, know what you want, stay off drugs, of course, djing comes with all the flex and everything. Use your head before drugs go use am for you.”

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