Lessons Upcoming Naija Musicians Can Learn From Veterans To Succeed

Photo Credit: Davido/Instagram

By Khisa CJ

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It remains a fact that Nigeria has one of the biggest number of musicians not only in Africa but also globally.

With a huge pool of artists doing a variety of music genres like the one Nigeria has, there will always be a new talent coming up every now and then, and this is why we have the tag upcoming and veterans in the industry. Veterans are the established musicians while the upcoming ones are usually the new ones trying to penetrate the market.

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For any new musician or aspiring artiste in the Naija music industry, there is a lot that they can learn from the already established guys who have since put a mark seen globally. Below are some of the valuable lessons upcoming musicians can take away from the successes of the veterans;


It is not easy to build a fan base, and it is very unlikely that you'll get a lot of loyal fans with a single hit. For a successful music career, an artiste needs to be consistent not only in the release of songs and music projects but also in the quality of the songs.

Many internationally known Nigerian musicians today are where they are courtesy of consistently working on new songs, which has enabled them to build a loyal base of supporters that are ready to stream, download and push their projects to a new audience. 

Quality work

It is one thing to release a song, an album, or an EP but it is also another thing to have quality work put out there. A quality song or music video will speak for itself and this means that an artiste is very well likely to attract more audience to his craft if he puts out quality records. 

Quality entails production, lyrics, mixing and mastering of your song. 

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We have a number of Nigerian musicians who have made a name for themselves just for featuring others in their projects. For the upcoming musicians, they can work on getting a collaboration with one or two of the established guys and be sure it will give a lift to their budding careers. 

Social media utilization

Social media is now a big asset in the music industry and the sooner an upcoming artist embraces it the better.

Veteran musicians have cultivated a culture of regularly engaging their fans, listening to them, and at times entertaining them through question and answer sessions and through this they get to know what their fans want and expect.

Regular engagements, sharing music projects, new and upcoming are ways an artiste connects with the fans and this is something upcoming musicians need to do regularly. 

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