Nasty C, DJ Speedsta End Years of Beefing

[Image Source: SA Hip-hop Mag]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Days after Nasty C’s BET award nomination, he has buried the hatchet with celebrated South African DJ Speedsta.

A recent video of the two artists having a good time together was suggestive enough that the two finally made up after protracted rivalry.

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They were at an undisclosed event somewhere in Mzansi and were seen relating well and even sharing a laughter moment. You wouldn’t expect this from sworn rivals who haven’t buried their differences.

Their bad blood stems from allegations by Speedsta that Nasty C stole ‘Bamm Bamm’ song from him, a claim that the ‘Jack’ hit maker refutes.

For a long time now, they never saw eye-to-eye. They bashed each other online – on Twitter especially where Speedsta is known for his ‘tweeting fingers’. Speedsta in his element would often jibe Nasty C on Twitter leading to a barrage of confrontational tweets from both hip-hops stars.

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In one of his fiery tweets, Speedstar asked Nasty C to stay off topics that involve his interviews.

Surprisingly, Speedsta has now deleted all these tweets, evidence that he is ready for a clean slate. Speedsta even retweeted a video of them jamming to a song as he does his thing with the turn tabled. He captioned it with two heart emojis.

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