Willy Paul’s Saldido Records Unveils New Artist

[Photo Credit: Willy Paul Instagram]

By Lydia M Joshua

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Saldido International Records owned by celebrated Kenyan artist Willy Paul has unveiled a new artist dubbed Klons Kenya.

Be Encouraged by Psalms 118:14

Taking to social media to announce Klon, Willy Paul urged his followers to learn to support those in need while pouring praises on his new signing.

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“Yes @saldido_international just signed another one! Things got a bit rough but we back go follow our newly signed Male artist, @klons_kenya be the first to witness this revolution!! It's time to support our own! Charity begins at home... let us all learn to support those in need. I promise you guys, this boy is going places this year, watch the space,” he wrote.

This comes barely two weeks after Willy Paul released his latest collaboration with his first female signee Miss P dubbed ‘Mashallah’, whom she introduced to the public earlier this year.

Willy Paul and Miss P have released several joint collaborations including, ‘Liar’, ‘Fall in Love’, and now ‘Mashallah’.

‘Liar’ is a feel-good song that addresses the usual occurrences in a relationship including infidelity and trust issues when both parties are not forthcoming in being honest and transparent. The jam showcased Miss P’s vocal capabilities as well as her acting skills, as they enacted their song to fit the lyrics they were both singing.

On the other hand, ‘Fall in Love’ is a song about how love transcends all boundaries. The visuals showcase couples who come from different political, religious, and social backgrounds who end up falling in love despite all odds.

Lastly, ‘Mashallah’ is an Arabic phrase that is used to express contentment, joy, praise, or thankfulness. In this context, the jam delivers lyrics that indicate an everlasting kind of love between two partners. In the visuals, the two are adorned in modest and simple clothes in accordance with the recently concluded holy month of Ramadan.

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