4 Reasons Why Bongo Artists are Releasing More Songs Regularly

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By Paul A.

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Over the past year, the Bongo music scene has undergone an evolution where artists have embraced the culture of releasing lots of music consistently. Several artists have also invested in albums and EPs; a trend that was yet to be fully adopted in the country.

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This article looks at some of the factors inspiring bongo musicians to release regular content:

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Streaming Platforms

Over the last two years, the East African region has witnessed an influx of music streaming platforms, both local and international. The streaming platforms provide an avenue for artists to make money through their songs. The ability to distribute music and earn an income is a possible inspiration to musicians to continue producing more content.

The coronavirus pandemic

Amid the pandemic, most shows were banned as part of controlling the health crisis. The move offered musicians more time to record new music. Additionally, lack of shows means artists had to turn to streaming platforms to earn revenue. With streaming platforms, you tend to earn more if you have a bigger catalogue and several trending jams.

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There is a constant battle to control the bongo music scene, especially with the influx of new record labels. The aspiration to remain on top has seen musicians up their craft and regularly release new music. This is always meant to ensure that they maintain the fan base they have.

Industry growth

Lastly, the constant release of new music highlights that the bongo music industry is growing. This is an indicator that there is a collective responsibility in terms of producing and writing music in general.

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