Ethic Dropping New Song ‘Pressure’ Soon

Ethic Entertainment. Photo/Kenyan


By Kinyua Mwangi

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Ethic Entertainment have a new song ‘Pressure’ set for release on May 17.

The trio made up of Zilla, Swat and Seska are on top of their game this year as they push for more music since taking up new management in 2023.

Earlier, Gengetone artist Rekles was part of the group but left unceremoniously to start his solo career with several songs out.

With the upcoming new song ‘Pressure’, Ethic will undoubtedly impress with its fusion of different genres and blended music style.

This will be their second song of the year and also as a three-member group. Their first offering for the year was ‘Amigos’ which re-introduced them to the music scene after a hiatus.

‘Amigos’ leans more on Arbantone than Gengetone which they rocked Kenya with. Some of their most famous Gengetone songs include ‘Lamba Lolo’ and ‘Pandana’.

Following their re-grouping, they are likely to ride on the Arbantone wave which blends Gengetone and other musical genres.

Meanwhile, Allen Igatanyi, the group’s former manager told Buzz Central last year that personal disagreements between the four members led to the group’s disintegration.

Igatanyi noted that there was no consistency in their work ethic especially after they became famous which led Rekles out to starting his solo career.

This left Swat, Zilla and Seska feeling lost and they took time to regroup and return to the game with a fresh drive.

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