Bruno K Lauds A Pass for Supporting Him During Battle with Depression

[Photo Credit: Bruno K Facebook]

By Gloria

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Celebrated Ugandan musician Bruno K has hailed fellow musician A Pass for supporting him during his battle with depression.

According to Bruno K, when he was battling depression, A Pass came through for him and shared important life advice that helped him over his challenges then.

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"People always ask me why amongst all the artists I chill most with A Pass. Some few years back when my world was falling apart and I was drowning in depression, this brother of mine sat me down and lectured me for almost 3hours about life.

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"Trust me that talk saved my life and helped me get back on my feet. He is the true definition of a Real friend. Zero hypocrisy, supportive, you learn a lot from him, and he wishes others well. God bless you Alexander, my brother," Bruno K shared on his Facebook page.

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Bruno K’s revelation has showcased a new side of A Pass that most of his fans were unaware of. On his socials, A Pass always shares hilarious video painting the picture of a ‘Joker’ who is quick to ridicule his fellow artists.


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