3 Kwimbuka Songs Released During 2021 Rwanda Genocide Memorial

[Photo Credit: The Africa Report]

By Kinyua Mwangi

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April 7 is a painful day for Rwandans as they commemorate the death of 800 people who were massacred in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

As President Paul Kagame led Rwandans in marking the auspicious occasion dubbed ‘Kwimbuka’ meaning remembrance, a few songs to mark this event were released.

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Mwaritanze – Eric Senderi

‘Mwaritanze’ is a song talking about the country’s leadership and how much it has done to liberate Rwanda from the jaws of genocide. Senderi has for the past years released different songs to remember and honour those who lost their lives during the genocide. He pledges to use music to preach unity and contribute to development.


Hora Rwanda – Super Twins

‘Hora Rwanda’ is a classic example by Primo Gaju and Secundo Juru of a song that leads the younger generation into doing great things in life. It is coated in a message of hope to the younger generation to take care and work towards things that will bring cohesiveness in the society.


I See The Light – John 316 Vocal Band

‘I See The Light’ is a song of hope that comes after a dark moment. The 1994 genocide was a dark moment for Rwanda but years later, hope abounds of better days and peaceful coexistence between Hutu and Tutsi who slaughtered each due to tribal differences. The band has 13 members who are now students and were born of parents who died during the genocide.



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