Download Top 7 Nigerian Gospel Music on Mdundo: By Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey and More

Photo Source: Mercy Chinwo/Instagram

By Kenneth Kiplagat

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Nigerian gospel industry has transformed and adapted to the changing tunes and styles globally, adapting to it new sounds, performance dynamics and distribution models. It has brought with it hope at a time when Covid Pandemic has ravaged nations and concomitantly catering to artists when options for outdoor events and gatherings have been deemed inappropriate.
Among the songs that have resonated well and hence earned a seat on top of the table include the latest releases by Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey and the latest entrant being Adeyinka Alaseyori.
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1. Mercy Chinwo - Na You Dey Reign
In this beautiful song released on September 2020, the 4 Million view and counting is an indication of how impactful and successful it has been. Some of the reviews received pointed to the song being uplifting, "Full", Danceable , Relatable and some wished they were even Nigerian from Mercy Chinwo's expression.

2. Mercy Chinwo - Tasted Of Your Power

Off her latest album "Satisfied" Mercy Chinwo led an incredible worship session with the team as they sang
"In different ways
I have tasted of Your Power
Jesus You are too real
You are a great God
Onye Olu Ebube (Onye Olu Ebube)"
This song personalizes experience with God and fully expresses the intimate love and walk with God.

3. Mercy Chinwo - Onememma
In an elaborate build up of the Satisfied Album, Onememma played a critical role in balancing the dynamics and build up owing that it was among the first to be released. A song telling God who He Is, part of the singable lyrics are:
"Jesus you are good
Jesus you are kind
Jesus you are wonderful to me

Everywhere I look
The blessings overflow
Jesus,.. Onememma"

4. Abraham Akatu - Ogbenjuwa
Have you seen how Abraham starts off the first line "You are older than time" of this song Ogbenjuwa (My Captain or Warrior)? Well, He has an infectious smile and He is fully present in the recording while fully articulating every word in the song. He notes on his Youtube release page that Ogbejuwa is a song that speaks of God's Mighty Acts of war on behalf of the saints as Jesus remains the captain of our salvation. It is a slow pace yet fully accentuated song owing to the inclusion of the percussion section and the real traditional sound to match the lyrics.

5. Nathaniel Bassey - Onise Iyanu

Onise Iyanu means ‘God of awesome wonders.’ Nathaniel Bassey totally nailed it on this song. Perfect delivery, voice totally accepted, the range being his best, instrumentation didn't compete, perfect production and also timely in its release. With over 16 million views, the song has gone beyond Africa. Nathaniel Bassey Said, "Our God is truly a God of awesome wonders whom none can fathom. He is the ONISE IYANU !!! "

6. Nathaniel Bassey - I've come to worship

This song has been dubbed refreshing and uplifting worth sharing, a song somber in color, incorporating full strings, acoustic piano cover with an top line electric piano. A worship song with a serious conveyance of surrender and adoration to God. The melodic line is repetitive to enable worshippers focus on God.

7. Adeyinka Alaseyori - Arojinle (Deep Thought)

"Arojinle is an intense worship song that reveals the numerous goodness of God to mankind, many of which we take lightly or look at as insignificant" She notes on her YouTube page.

An additional curated playlist for your listening and Download from Mdundo.

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