Sports Betting has Made Broke People Billionaires – Kofi Kinaata

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By Eugene Brown

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After popular Ghanaian pastor, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, recently admonished Ghanaian youth to desist from sports betting if they want to be prosperous in the future, multiple award-winning artiste Kofi Kinaata thinks otherwise.

According to Kofi Kinaata,who is also an ambassador for sports betting company, Betway, sports betting has made very broke people billionaires.

When Kofi Kinaata was asked on Kastle Drive via Kastle FM what he makes of the controversial assertion by the popular clergyman concerning sports betting, he had different views.

“Amansan Krakye by the time we finish this interview, I’m very sure that you’d have ended up giving me problems. Proverbially it is said that what the elderly sees whilst sitting, the young cannot see even if they’re standing," he said.

“So probably it depends on what he has seen that’s why he’s advising the youth to stay away from sports betting because he’s been in this world for a long time. However, it is two-sided when it comes to sports betting,” he added.

“There are some people who were also wallowing in abject poverty but through staking a sports bet they won and have suddenly become billionaires. So does it mean their riches from sports betting is a misfortune,” Kofi Kinaata told the host.

He concluded on Kastle FM “There are some people who get their daily wage from betting. So the same betting that he claims can make people poor has also made some people filthy rich.”

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