Lava Lava Decries Negative Comments on Career Stagnation Thrown at him by Fans

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By Paul A.

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WCB singer Lava Lava has revealed how comments from fans have impacted his career. This is after a section of fans attacked him for allegedly not pulling his weight like his fellow WCB counterparts.

Speaking during a recent interview, Lava Lava noted that the negative comments hurt him at a personal level, adding that the comments were uncalled for.

“Hizo story naziona sana, kama binadamu naumia sana...mamangu mzazi aliniabbia kufanya watu wajue unafanya kazi ni ngumu sana laikini kuna siku watajua ukweli,” said Lava Lava.

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Lava Lava further stated that he has talked to his management, and they are supporting his work.

He added that WCB has invested in his career, and he aims to return the favor by dropping new music regularly.

Earlier in the year, Lava Lava revealed his silence was a strategy as he was working on an album.

The singer is currently flying high with his ‘Ipekeche’ video after months of silence. After taking a while before releasing new music, it was alleged that WCB had abandoned the singer and focused on promoting Zuchu.

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With just nine months in the music industry, Zuchu has achieved massive success surpassing Lava Lava.

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