Akothee Releases New Single Dubbed 'Pretty Mama' Featuring New Artist Harun Deey

by Kabura Ng'ang'a

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Akothee keeps giving us good music and putting us on some amazing musicians. She has now teamed up with fast rising Coastal artist Harun Deey to release a new single dubbed ‘Pretty Mama’.

‘Pretty Mama’ is a single about a man asking a lady to be his girlfriend but she is a little afraid that he might break her heart so she is quite skeptical about it. Akothee and Harun Deey take us through that journey through this beautifully written song.

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‘Pretty Mama’ is a single that marries chakacha and rhumba. Chakacha is the most dominant sound that you will hear in the song but Akothee and Harun Deey made the wise decision to include live instruments which bring that Rhumba feel to the song. These two sounds marry well to create such a rich sound for the medium-paced single. Akothee and Harun Deey find ways to match and marry their voices for the verses and the harmonies, respectively.

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The video is shot in the Kenyan Coastal region. Akothee brings out the chakacha dancers to grace the video and she blends in well as she too is a good dancer.  The video takes us through the Harun Deey and Akothee’s love story. The video also features a live band which beautifully translates from the rich audio sound to the video.

Catch a vibe with Akothee and Harun Deey on ‘Pretty Mama’.


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