Eko Dydda Drops New Hard-hitting Song ‘Made in Kenya’

By Omondi Otieno

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Celebrated Kenyan musician Eko Dydda has dropped a new hard-hitting track advocating for the need to appreciate local Kenyan talent and products.

In ‘Made in Kenya’ Eko Dydda calls out the media and bloggers for failing to support local content, in favour of foreign stuff.

He underscores how Kenya is suffering due to corruption among the political elite, and how farmers are struggling to earn a living because the country is importing food from abroad.

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“Media wana lighters, ready kutuchomea picha. Wale wanabonga upuzi ndio wataonyeshwa wengine fichwa… Ati fake stuff from abroad ikembe ndio cool. Our farmers wana rot jembe ndio tool… Mweshimiwa ni za macho badala afunze fishing. Tuko eating competition wote tuna dishi. Corruption tangu enzi za B.C," the song's lyrics read in part.

In sum, he urges Kenyans to appreciate and build Kenya first, before channeling their resources abroad.

According to him, anyone who feels like they are not getting what they want here, and keep criticising local stuff should consider relocating, and leaving the country to those who appreciate local.

The song comes at a time when Kenya’s economy is not doing well, with the government encouraging Kenyans to buy local produce (Buy Kenya Build Kenya) in a bid to ensure money circulates within the country.


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