Throwback Thursday: Eko Dydaa takes us into his past a boy in love with football

Remember back in the day as kids, when we used to play football with paper wraps or any polythene material you could get your hands on? Well, if you were brought up in the average Kenyan society, you have a clear mental picture of what am talking about.

When you would kill to be picked as a team player on one of your friends teams and if you actually had the know-how of  making the “Ball”, you would automatically have the power to command your own team as team captain. The good old days!

It’s throwback Thursday and on this segment, we decided to take a different twist and add some pizzazz to it. And what better way than to get to hear what our celebrities used to make their footballs with and how the game was like?  

Gospel artist, Eko Dydda is the biggest football fanatic we have on Mdundo; so who better to ask than a guy who basically breathes the sport?

''Manze nili grow K-south na tulikuwa tunacheza ball vi serious!  Sisi tulitengeneza ball ya foota na makaratasi na zingekosa hata container za blueband haziku qualify kuwa ball! Na miss hizo days sana'' opened up the rapper quite estatically.

What’s your story? We would love to hear your story especially if you were that kid who always got left out during the team selection. Wall flowers are much more interesting if you ask me. Engage us and tell us how you did it in your hood.

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