Hot New Jams


Just so you can keep up. We have dope artists churning out good music every waking day. They are also up to so much more and need our support. As super fans of African music, here are some new jams you might want to add to your playlist.

Sadaka by Rota Dee ft. Vicky Kitonga

The laid back Rhumba feel is an instant magnet from the beginning. Rota Dee also a journalist gets together with smooth sounding Vicky to bring to life a beautiful gospel song to express gratitude to God. Trust you’ll love this one.

Kalipso by Beryl Owano

Does this girl ever serve us anything short of sassiness. Kalipso actually takes a Calypso- Dancehall Vibe that’s simply irresistible.  She goes all out on lyric and colour only giving this new jam greatness. Way to put a kick in the week.

OK Alright by DNA Mister Dreams

His sultry deep voice makes every jam he is in quite addictive. That with Kenya’s all time Kapuka genre teasing in between hip-hop and dancehall. This is what you want to jam to on a Friday. Nice one.

Sangolo by Budukusu ft. Wyre

This was one of the hottest jams that closed down 2018 in style. Though not new, just a reminder that it was so HOT, it got nominated for the GODiT-GHANA MUSIC AWARDS. A combination of Africa’s best Dancehall talent. Check it out.

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