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Davido Feel Lyrics

I be on the phone
Calling you tonight
I wan make you show me
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Feel is the number two track in Davido’s 17-track Timeless Album.

Before I dig into this song, let’s accept that the whole Timeless vibe is a love cruise through smooth emotions, feel-good beats, and no doubt, timeless dancefloor tracks.

In Feel, Davido expresses his deep feelings, and the desire to work things out and make things right… let’s pick a section of the lyrics, he says;

“Every time we fight about who is wrong or right
Pushing each other every day and night
Why can't we make things right”

If you’re going through the whole Timeless journey, at this point you’ll definitely feel the need to make things right with your person, settle all the rankles and start on a clean slate.

And no need to remind you, but a clean slate is where you change your vibe, if it’s a forever journey, then it’s time to commit. And If it’s not, hold up, let’s stick to the forever journey here... Because when it’s timeless, we commit to timeless. That is what Feel is all about.