Eko Dydda set to release new track on Monday

There is just no stopping Eko Dydda this year, after giving us J.E.S.U.S and Bless My family over the past two months, he is set to release a new track titled 'Born Again' this Monday accompanied with a music video.

Speaking to Mdundo the bubbly and ever enthusiastic artist shared what the story behind the song is,

" When people think of being born again they always associate it with being boring, having no swagg and just being lifeless which was also one of my fears before i got saved so what i wanted to bring out in this song is to show people the fun side of getting saved "

" The truth of the matter is that your life remains pretty much the same but your mindset is what changes, you have a Christ like mindset and learn more to believe that all things are possible" he further went on to add.

Eko Dydda has no plans to release an album anytime soon but for sure he knows how to maintain consistency and keep his fans on the loop each time.

As we wait for his new single, you can download all his other songs through the link tagged below.

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