Big Pin set for a major comeback!

Fresh from lacuna, The Beast From The East aka Big Pin is set to make a major comeback with the release of a brand new single.

Big Pin has been quite for a while now without doing something major but this upcoming track is set to break the ice of his pin drop silence and mark his comeback to business totally.

“I have several songs that I plan to release by the end of this month. This Friday, however, there’s a song I have been working on with Ndegz, a talented producer and artist who worked on the song Skamarace if you can remember. The new track tittle is ‘Whine’,” Big Pin told Mdundo today in a phone interview.

He added that “it is a feel good R&B and more of an appreciation song.”

Download some of his other songs via the link tagged below and check out for the new single as soon as it drops.

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