Meet Kenyan American rapper Ramzey who is setting the pace for Hip hop

Ramzey Siele is a Kenyan- American recording rapper, songwriter, and actor. Having lived in both Kenya and US, he has had the opportunity to witness both worlds and see them from a different angle; and that angle is brought to you with conscious lyricism through Hip Hop.

He recently returned to Kenya and has dropped a new single titled ‘Movie’ with its edgy up beat style mirroring the current culture, and as he explained to Mdundo, it was inspired by his life experiences,

"Movie was really inspired by my experiences and the relationships I’ve been in ,I always write a song based off of the vibe it gives off and how I’m feeling at the time. I wanted to make a genuine song about my thoughts on women/the women I’ve been with and highlight the positive aspects of it all.The past few years have really been surreal, and everything I’ve done has really been like a "Movie" shared Ramzey

He is currently collaborating with artists and producers across the globe, and working on an upcoming album and as he revealed its something he is really looking forward to,

“Well my album is almost ready!! The message, sound and variety is amazing so im really excited. The guest features and music will be completely unexpected. I dont like to rush things but I intend on releasing it this year. .I just want to release consistent fire, and accompany it with a video for the projects im feelin'! I want to continue to travel & work with different people across the globe do a lot of shows, and just grow”

You can download his single by following the link below and drop your thoughts on what you think.

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