Big Pin breaks the ice with his new single 'Hapo Sawa'

Big Pin aka the Beast From The East, is back to the music scene with a new track titled ‘Hapo Sawa’.

Having featured in the single ‘Whine Up’ which was a track by Ndegz late last year, he most certainly is trying to maintain an element of consistency and if he keeps it up, he just might reclaim his title as King of the industry.

”It’s actually a funny story how this song came about, my boys and I were out partying then this fine chic just walked by and we said hapo sawa…which is the term we use to compliment anything or anyone and ofcourse that’s how the song got the title.” shared Big Pin during an exclusive interview with Mdundo as he burst out in a hearty laughter

He further went on to add “I have lot in store for my fans this year I have been doing shows all over the region over the past few years and doing farming on the side, which is a big income generator especially here in Kenya”.

Barely a few hours since its release, the song has already crept its way into the Mdundo top ten charts debuting at No 10 this morning, I guess when it comes to making hits Big Pin still knows what the recipe is, but hey what do you expect from one of the pioneer artistes in Kenyan music industry?

You can download the track straight to your phone by following the link below.

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