KENYA: 'Don't Abort Your Baby' Size 8's Message to Young Mothers-to-be

Pregnancy like many other stages of life is full of ups and downs and Gospel hit maker Size 8 knows this first hand especially coming off pregnancy just recently.

In one of her rare posts of her new born daughter Ladasha Belle Size 8 shared some of the downs she went through in her pregnancy and her message to the world is that it was all worth it.

~ “My #wcw @ladashabelle if this is the reason I've added so much weight went under the knife was bed ridden and sick I can do it all over again......... blessed be the name of God for this amazing gift........children are a gift from God if you have one I plead with you don't abort the child someone somewhere is crying to God just to have one child or begging God not to loose their pregnancy..........God be the glory........”~Size 8

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