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Size 8 Biography: Music, Gospel Ministry And Family

Size 8 Real Name? Linet Munyali
who is size 8 Husband? DJ MO Official names
How old is Size 8? 36 years
Wen was size 8 born? August 4, 1987
how old is dj MO? 36 years He was born January 31, 1987
size 8 tribe? Luhya
dj mo twins? DJ Mo has refuted that he is the father of the twins
size 8 net worth
size 8 and dj mo latest news

Who Is Size 8 And What Are Her Real Names?

Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, is a renowned Kenyan singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to prominence in the Kenyan music industry with her unique blend of gospel and contemporary music styles. The songstress was born on August 4, 1987, in Nairobi, Kenya. Size 8's rich vocals, captivating performances, and inspiring lyrics have earned her a huge fan base within and beyond Kenya. Her transition from secular to gospel music has served as an inspiration to many aspiring musicians.

Size 8 Education

Size 8 spent her formative years in Nairobi, where her passion for music and performance blossomed. She attended Dr. Livingstone Primary School and later enrolled in High School, where her talent as a singer and performer flourished. Despite encountering financial obstacles, Size 8 remained determined in pursuing her musical aspirations.

When Did Size 8 Get Into Gospel Music?

Size 8 made her debut in the music industry as a secular artist. She released her debut single, ""Shamba Boy,"" which achieved moderate success. She followed it up with other hit songs including 'Vidonge' and 'Fire'. Size 8, while at the height of her career in secular music, experienced a transformative spiritual experience that prompted her to shift to gospel music.

In 2013, Size 8 unveiled her first gospel hit, 'Mateke', which swiftly garnered popularity, marking her entrance into the gospel music realm. The song's infectious beats and uplifting message struck a chord with listeners, propelling Size 8 to new heights of fame and acclaim. She subsequently released several successful singles, including 'Moto', and 'Afadhali Yesu' among others.

Size 8's musical talents extend beyond her vocal prowess, as she is also a proficient songwriter. She crafts heartfelt and relatable lyrics that explore themes of faith, hope, love, and personal transformation. Through her music, Size 8 inspires and preaches to her audience to embrace spirituality and seek a deeper connection with God.

Who Is Size 8 Husband?

Size 8's personal life has attracted significant attention from her fans. In 2013, she tied the knot with fellow artist Samwel Muraya, widely known as DJ Mo. Their marriage and journey as a couple has been closely followed by fans and the media. Size 8 and DJ Mo are blessed with two children, Ladasha Wambui and Muraya Junior.

Is Size 8 A Pastor?

Following her venture into music ministry and passion for gospel music, Size 8 pursued her interest in becoming a pastor. She was eventually ordained as an official pastor and currently runs her own church.


Size 8's transition from secular to gospel music and subsequent success as a musician has positioned her as a prominent figure in the Kenyan music industry. Her compelling vocals, inspiring lyrics, and captivating performances have cultivated a devoted fan base. Size 8 continues to utilize her talent and platform to spread positivity, inspire others, and contribute to the flourishing gospel music scene in Kenya.