KENYA: Nazizi Scores Her Self New Workout TV Show Set to Air Soon

The ‘First Lady’ Nazizi had quite the eventful year in 2015, after word broke out that she and her long time husband had broken it off, she went on a journey of transforming herself and she begun by losing 30 kilograms in a short span of five months.

Her transformation was majestic and many loved and applauded her new look. And to show she was committed to fitness soon after she took on the tough sport that is Kickboxing and Tanzanian rapper Zola D took the role of her instructor.

And now it seems that 2016 has come with new blessings for Nazizi and Zola D as it has been revealed the two will be hosting a Workout TV Show that will air in Kenya soon.

This revelation comes after rapper Zola D spoke to Tanzanian outfit Bongo 5 in a recent interview. In the interview he also revealed that they had already recorded one episode of the new show and it is expected that it will arrive in our television sets soon.

“We have already recorded one episode and we are still recording, as soon as we are done, it will be aired on Kenyan TV because Kenyans loved how Nazizi was able to reduce a lot of weight after exercising,” he said.

“I am still going to do music and I already have some music video which will be released very soon. I was just a bit busy with the preparations for the show that I will be doing with Nazizi from Kenya,” he added.

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