NEWS (KENYA): Size 8 Reveals How She and Her Baby Survived Several Miscourages During Her Pregnancy

Gospel songstress and now new mother Size 8 has revealed that just like many women out there, her pregnancy was full of challenges and on several occasions she almost lost her baby.

It’s only recently that Size 8 and her husband BJ Mo welcomed their newborn baby girl, Ladasha Belle into the world and in the eyes of the public she seemed to have one would say an easy pregnancy.

It is common knowledge women face the most challenges during the early and late stages of pregnancy and most of them prefer to take the highest of precautions even staying away from work and all stressful activities.

Size 8 who always seemed to be active throughout her pregnancy, shooting new music videos and even hosting her own show, seemed to have a much easier time than most ordinary women, but then don’t most celebrities?

However as she revealed yesterday on social media though she kept it from the public, she did face a lot of challenges and almost lost her baby on several occasions.

~My baby @ladashabelle is a miracle from God a sign of his power in my life. My pregnancy was full of problems I almost lost her several times the enemy the devil fought her so much. But God fought back for her. This is my testimony of God's faithfulness in my life. Don't be afraid in any and every situation God is powerful to give u victory. Hallelujah to our God.........~ Size 8

Well we’re all glad they made it through and pray that princess Ladasha may continue to be a source of joy to their family.

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