NEW MUSIC (KENYA): Pitson Addresses The Parent-Child Divide In New Song

Now, here's a piece that will definitely give you that Holy spirit kick you need this week: 'Niache Niimbe' by the Gospel-lingala hitmaker, Pitson!

The swing-step, afro-beat and lead guitar licks that are dramatically re-configured towards the climax to change the song into a full-blown Lingala seben session. The song also addresses the matter of the divide that is created between parents and their children when they wish to pursue musical ambitions.


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What makes it more than just another hit, but a revolutionary concept, is the fact that Pitson gives a solution to this modern day hardship:

“Ikiwa nitakuwa rubani, niendeshe ndege, niwe rubani, rubani anayeimba...” which loosely translates to: “Mum, dad, if I have to become a pilot, at least let me be a pilot who’s also a singer...”

Get the song below for free and get that inspiration that you perhaps badly needed.

Download Pitson - Niache niimbe


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