VIDEO OF THE DAY (KENYA): Yet Another Home Run From Octopizzo In 'I'm A Doer'!

Who is the King of Hip hop? That is the question that is on everyone's lips and Twitter fingers at the moment and as we wait for the answer to this almost infinite argument, one of the contestants for the throne, Octopizzo, has just released one breathtaking song alongside a female singer I personally consider to be the physical manifestation of the goddess Aphrodite - Cece Sagini!

The song is dubbed 'I'm A Doer' and once Octopizzo adds his exceptional rapping ability to Cece Sagini's golden vocals, the result is pure ecstacy; a world of the sweetest melodies and unadulterated joy!


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As for the video, this could be the best visuals your eyes will ever encounter all courtesy of Moses Osidiana from Brain Works.

''This a collaborative single with the aim of empowering others to step out of their comfort zone and work towards being achievers in whatever field they are in.''



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