THROW BACK THURSDAY: 'Dandora L.O.V.E' Possibly One Of The Biggest Hip Hop Songs To Date!

Join me this Throwback Thusday in my time travel machine and get to go back to a time in Kenyan music history when all music made utter sense and was equally as fun; a time when the lyrics were more important than the beat. So how do we go back- you ask? As I am yet to finish up on making a few adjustments to my time machine, we will use the power of imagination.

Ready? Here we go - as you open your eyes, we are at the very edge of the awakening of Kenyan music and right before your eyes, is the hip hop group, Zakah, Kah and Kabee with one of the biggest jams ever, 'Dandora L.O.V.E'

Zakah was and still is an immensely gifted music act and despite having now converted to gospel music, he still focuses on the issues affecting the society as he did back then. With every lyric he put down, he made sure it reflected on particular event that needed to be addressed.

Kah and Kabee were equally as gifted and when the three were brought together by this song, Kenyan music wwas forever revolutionized! Listen to the song below as you get to relive some of the best memories in Kenyan music history.


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