VIDEO OF THE DAY (KENYA): A Slice Of Reggae Heaven From Sana, In Her New Visual Piece, 'Rasta Man'!

Passions. Feelings. From the dizzying heights of pure ecstasy, to the abysmal depths of sorrow. An entire spectrum of subjectivity in us, humans. A spectrum that defines us and spells our distinct personalities apart.

For indeed, without emotions, we are but a clump of cells. And when it comes to music, none knows to evoke emotions using the art form than the gorgous Kenyan songbird, Sanaipei Tande popularly known as Sana.


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Her latest song 'Rasta Man' was a show of how maleable her singing ability was, by taking on reggae. Now, she releases the visuals to 'Rasta Man' and despite having already heard the song, the video somehow makes it feel like a new experience!

Watch the video below and get entangled in the beautiful realm of Sana's music.



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