Rico Gang Unveils Their Charismatic Song 'Bariki Mzinga'

[Image Source: Instagram ]

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Rico gang has collaborated with K4 Kanali, Swat, Odi wa Muranga, Hype Gad and Joe Mfalme on a new exciting project dubbed Bariki Mzinga.

Bariki Mzinga or rather ‘bless the hive’, is a known trend done before opening a bottle of alcohol. Most people give it a tap at the bottom of the bottle and then take some shots as a ritual before enjoying the rest of the drink. It’s like a tradition that must be adhered to.

The group is keen reminder of what consistent music releases means and the impact on their career projecting great results for the music.

The track is a much-needed tune for celebrations that will have almost everyone together with friends celebrating their achievements and successes with a drink or two. This new project is meant to catapult Rico gang into the spotlight.



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