Mututho to stop TPF show!

They say ambition is priceless and who better to take this to heart than newly gazetted NACADA chairman Mr John Mututho.

Famously known for his 'Muthutho Laws' he is now on a mission to put Tusker Project Fame show to a halt on the basis that it contradicts the Alcoholic Act of 2010.

The Act states “No person shall promote an alcoholic drink or an alcohol-related brand element except in accordance with the provisions of this Act” prohibiting direct advertising of any alcoholic drinks.

The show which seeks to give upcoming artists a platform to develop their skills and talent in the end giving the top performer a shot at fame by providing them with a record deal and publicity is currently in its sixth season.

The show hosts an array of amazing talented artists alongside some good guidance provided by the faculty this year who include Eric Wainaina , Aaron Rimbui, Edwin Odhiambo, Kavutha Mwanzia and music producer R-Kay.

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